About josie bunnie

Known as the Campy Cottontail with curves, curls and baby blues, Josie Bunnie was a Hollywood staple in the burlesque and modeling community before moving to Sunny San Diego.

Josie is a world wide published model featured in several magazines, books, CD covers and live art & online galleries. Mostly known for her nude work, she is constantly pushing the boundaries between nudity and sexuality in an artistic and comical way. Through her art she blends the cute and beautiful with the dark and macabre sides of her imagination, both in front of and behind the camera.

While in San Diego she created and produced Bunnie Butt Productions featuring video collections such as the Nudie Cuties, Mirror Series and Burlesque Reels. In 2018 she launched the Moon Rabbit Show which is an ongoing creative conspiracy project. Each series has a unique theme or message, including her photography work which started out with Polaroids.

On the side, Josie Bunnie designs and creates custom professional pasties and tassels for the burlesque community. You can also wear one of her 'Moon Rabbit' jewelry designs inspired by nature and made with raw gemstones featured in the Moon Rabbit Show. 

When Josie is not being creative, she is working in the corporate sector of a successful escrow company after spending over 20 years in the real estate industry. For fun she enjoys shopping for unique oddities and taxidermy pieces, playing with her Australian Blue Heeler named Luna Azul, and enjoys a nice sunny day at the nudist resort with her loving and adventurous husband.